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Women's Undergarments

Discover the Shift in Undergarments for Women Over 60 

Explore How BNB' Revolutionary Design Transformed My Underwear Choice Forever (I'm Never Going Back!)

Learn why switching to BNB' innovative leakproof underwear is the smart move for managing embarrassing urinary leakage, offering a dignified and comfortable solution.

Have you ever experienced any of the following?

  • Unpredictable bladder leaks?
  • Unwanted stains on your attire?
  • The frequent urge to find a restroom immediately?
  • The occasional accident that leaves you feeling embarrassed?

You're definitely not alone in this. Although it's a sensitive issue rarely discussed, it's crucial, and I'm here to address it.

Experiencing unintentional leaks is common among many women, and it's completely normal.

So, what's the next step if you find yourself in this situation?

Continuing the Conversation for Women Experiencing Incontinence
As I aged, especially after hitting 60, I noticed a shift in how often I experienced leaks, even sometimes at night, which was not only inconvenient but also quite embarrassing, especially in public scenarios.

Incontinence, surprisingly prevalent among women in their 60s, arises from various causes, including:

  • Health-related issues, making it essential to discuss your experiences with a healthcare professional.

However, if you're navigating through:

  • Bedwetting,
  • Leaking when coughing or sneezing,
  • Unexplained leaks,
  • Leakage during physical activities,
  • Or the sudden, intense urge to urinate,

and it occurs frequently, you know how frustrating it can be. But, there's hope, and managing these leaks doesn't have to limit your lifestyle.

Understanding the Four Types of Incontinence
Identifying your type of incontinence is vital, as there are four distinct kinds:

  1. Stress Incontinence: Leakage due to pressure on the bladder from activities like coughing or lifting heavy objects.
  2. Urge Incontinence: The type I experience involves a sudden, uncontrollable need to urinate.
  3. Overflow Incontinence: Minor leaks from a full bladder.
  4. Functional Incontinence: Challenges in reaching the bathroom in time due to mobility issues.

Recognizing these can help you feel less isolated and more informed about your condition.


Navigating Incontinence Solutions

While consulting a doctor is crucial, managing incontinence often involves adapting your lifestyle or incorporating exercises such as Kegels. However, accidental leaks can still pose a challenge.

Alternative solutions like pads, panty liners, and adult diapers have their pros and cons, but they often feel uncomfortable, cause waste, and can become expensive over time.

Enter the Game-Changing Solution: Leakproof Underwear

Leakproof underwear offers a sustainable, cost-effective, and discreet solution for managing leaks without the discomfort or environmental impact of disposables.

Here's why leakproof underwear from BNB is a game-changer:

  1. Environmental Benefit: Reusable and washable, significantly reducing landfill waste.The impact of environmental waste on our planet
  2. Healthier Option: Free from harmful chemicals found in disposables, offering safe absorption.Happy Senior Woman Images - Free Download on Freepik
  3. Durability: A practical and long-lasting alternative to constantly replacing disposables.1,100+ Absorb Water Stock Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics &  Clip Art - iStock | Absorption, Moisture, Dry
  4. Cost-Effective: Saves significant money over time compared to disposable productsBurn Money" Images – Parcourir 174 le catalogue de photos, vecteurs et  vidéos | Adobe Stock
  5. Hygienic: Features antibacterial and odor-resistant properties.
    BV bacteria covering cells
  6. Style and Comfort: Offers a youthful appearance and comfortable fit, far from the stigma of adult diapers.
    2 pcs Pee Proof Panties | Leak Proof Small, Adult Diapers Alternative,  Medium, Large, Plus Size Underwear | Eco-Friendly | Absorb ULTRA – Moon  Time Store

    Choosing High-Quality, Affordable Leakproof Underwear
    Making the switch to BNB was transformative for me, providing comfort, style, and reliability far beyond my expectations. Designed to look and feel like regular underwear, BNB offers both protection and elegance, making them a discreet and effective choice for managing incontinence.

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    Based on 3098 reviews
    Would you recommend this product to your family and friends?: Yes
    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 4-8 Weeks
    Gentle Formula, fabulous lashes

    it feels like water on the eyes! If you're worried about irritation, this serum is the answer.

    Would you recommend this product to your family and friends?: Yes
    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 1-4 Weeks
    No Irritation

    I worried about irritation, but your serum is gentle on my eyes! No stinging or redness, just longer, fuller lashes

    Would you recommend this product to your family and friends?: Yes
    Age: 18 to 24 years old
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 1-4 Weeks
    Safe and Effective for Sensitive Eyes

    It was Safe and Effective for Sensitive Eyes and got results quicker than i thought

    Would you recommend this product to your family and friends?: Yes
    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 8-12 Weeks
    Very Good Results Despite Doubts

    I was hesitant, but your serum proved me wrong! In just weeks, my lashes transformed from barely there to full and fluttery. Don't let doubts hold you back – this serum delivers!

    Would you recommend this product to your family and friends?: Yes
    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 8-12 Weeks
    Amazing Transformation

    I've tried numerous eyelash serums, but yours stands out! Within weeks, my lashes became noticeably longer and fuller. It's now a staple in my beauty routine. Highly recommend!

    Would you recommend this product to your family and friends?: Yes
    Age: 25 to 39 years old
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 4-8 Weeks
    How long did it take to see results from our product?: 4-8 Weeks
    Great Results

    i always put product to test before i use on my clients, and I LOVE YOUR SERUM.

    Andreu v.


    Super Glow Face mask
    I love PrettyVol products

    Originally I found this brand on Amazon. I tried there eye patches which were DIVINE! The face mask is amazing I love it. First thoughts when I received it was “omg this smells so good”! And it’s a light purple shade it’s beautiful. My skin has been glowing since I’ve used this product.

    Rose Elixir Hair Oil
    Delmy O.
    Hair oil

    Great product

    Under Eye Patches Power of Niacinamide and Vitamin C Blue
    Jolene J.

    These eye patches are a new must have in my beauty routine. They stay in place and help with my dark circles...I highly recommend and will be purchasing again!

    Kale Cleansing Gel

    The bottle came without the part to actually apply the product.

    Kale Cleansing Gel
    Elena M.

    Okay, I’m 21 years old, acne-prone skin, sensitive and all that. I bought this foaming cleanser due to all the hype I’ve seen everywhere, TikTok, YouTube videos, you name it, I’m a skincare junkie and I was like, okay, CeraVe is one of the most recognized and good brands when it comes to skin, so I purchased this blindly, Theeeen I started getting some type of small white bumps all over my cheeks and then a lot of painful big cysts, and I know your skin can purge when u use a new product so I was like okay okay, I’ll wait till this disappears, but I kept using it everyday for 4 months!!! And my skin did nothing but to get worse and worse and worse!! I LOVE CeraVe night cream, but this one is a no for me!! My advice: Buy travel size first and try, do a patch test, cause I’d have loved to do that, instead of having a $15 foaming cleanser bottle entire, what a waste.Update: Stopped using this, and my skin is getting back to normal.

    Kale Cleansing Gel
    Faudhiath K.

    I like the way it cleanses the face thoroughly and leaves one so refreshed. It’s a must have product and the affordability of it is perfection.

    Kale Cleansing Gel
    Milton E.L.

    Love that this is a scent free product. Relibly removes tough makeup and leaves skin prepped for more intense skin care. Used in my home by a female teen and 50yo woman. We both love it!

    Kale Cleansing Gel
    Chris P.B.

    Use twice a week for best results! There is no scent

    Kale Cleansing Gel
    Valeria G.

    This is the only cleanser that has worked for my skin. Not stripping at all and without fragrance

    the hair oil is amazing! I usually am a Moroccan Oil fan, but The Prettyvol hair oil has kicked my favs ass! It's not as oily and is amazing on dry hair to pull my hair up. Having fine hair but a lot of it, oils tend to make my hair look like it needs to be washed the next day where I can usually go 3-5 days without washing my hair. It doesn't leave a thread more about a review stating I look like Prettyvol addict in my room ahahahaha love it weird residue feeling! I've been a hairstylist since I was 19, 35 now. I have had my fair share of getting my hands into products and this hair oil is the best !

    Rose Elixir Hair Oil
    Elizabeth W.

    My hair sheds like crazy in the shower. I have very curly hair. Used this product the day I received it. I put it on my scalp and massaged my scalp for 5 min. Left it on for about 3.5 hours. Washed my hair and for the first time in years, my hair didn't shed. I applied my products to my wet hair, some more of this product on my scalp, and applied it to the ends. Wrap my hair up for about an hour and let it dry some. When my hair was completely dry I had very soft and bouncy curls. It was the same way when I woke up the next morning. I bought 3 bottles on this first order. Thank goodness!! I never want to run out of it. I am going to be ordering the hair regime. This stuff is amazing!! Very well worth the small amount it cost to have hair as soft and bouncy as my curls were just after the first time. I hope it helps my hair grow also. I am so happy to have found this product!

    The 8 Magic Hair Mask
    Hope S.

    I use this 1x per week and it has done a lot for the ends of my hair.

    The 8 Magic Hair Mask
    Amy W.

    This stuff makes my hair so soft. I use it once a week and it smells amazing.

    Superfood Face mask
    Mary E.

    I've upped my skincare game. My pores have always been large and I started to have redness on my cheeks on my largest pores. I've begun taking much better care of my skin - and one of the things I'm doing is a daily mask. This mask SMELLS AMAZING, has a great texture, applies very easily and smoothly and comes of very easily with a warm wash cloth. I've noticed a reduction in pore size and my skin tone is much clearer after a couple of weeks of regular application. I'm a very happy new customer!

    Superfood Face mask

    I tried this for the first time the other day and I love it! I have not used it but once and it seemed to already made at least a minor change in skin tone! I cannot wait to use more for further results! Will more then likely be adding this to my list and buying in the near future again!

    Super Glow Face mask
    I L.J.

    Such a rich moisturizing mask.Really like the scent of this one.Most beauty products bother my allergies.This one is so pleasant and easy for me to be around.Does not give me an hour long headache after using it.Is a very relaxing and soothing experience whenever I use this one.Leaves my skin ultra smooth and supple after I use it.

    Super Glow Face mask

    I love this! After rinsing it off my skin felt so smooth, soft, clean, and hydrated!

    Super Glow Face mask
    Ashley L.W.

    I've used both the rose berry and the sea tea. I think I liked the sea tea one better. The rose smelled nice and moisturized my skin so that it looked fresh. I do have some blackheads so the sea tea helps more so with that skin imperfection. I leave it on longer than the directions say and just wait until everything is dried. Then the blackheads are gone. I probably do not use it as much as I shoulder. I do wish we got a little more product for the price. Then again I feel like all companies are falling into that problem. Like everything else with this brand, a little goes a long way.